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So here you can checkout Latest Friendship Status for you best friends.We have huge collection of New Friendship Status 2017 for Whatsapp & Facebook in Hindi & English.Here we have best Cute & Funny Friendship Status in English.So without wasting a second let’s checkout best friendship quotes in English & Hindi.

Friendship… is not something Which you learn in school. But if you have not learned the meaning of friendship, then you are haven’t learned anything.

True friendship comes when silence b/w two people is comfortable.

Friendship is like aa paper once it’s crumpled it can’t be perfect.

If u make friends with yourself, you will never be alone.

 It is better to live alone.# There is no friendship with a fool.

The most important thing in my trust is U.

लोग कहते हैं तेरे दोस्त बहुत कम हैं,मैंने कहा, जितने भी हैं “Bullet” की धक धक की तरह हैं.

That awkward moment when people act as they know your best friend better than u do.

Because of you, I laugh a little harder.Cry a little less And smile a lot.

Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.

Friends are connected Heart to Heart distance and time can’t Break them apart.

Great friends are Hard to Find difficult to leave,Impossible to Forget.

One of the most beautiful qualities of true Friendship is to understand & to be understood.

Sachhe Dost Hume Kabhi Girne Nahi Dete,Naa Kisi Ki Nazro Me, Naa Kisi Ke Kadmo Me.

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the Light.

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

Friendship doubles your joy and divides your Sorrow.

सच्चा ‪#‎दोस्त‬ मिलना बहोत ही ‪#‎मुश्किल‬ है,मैं खुद ‪#‎हैरान‬ हूँ कि तुम लोगों ने मुझे ‪#‎ढूढ़‬ कैसे लिया.

Never forget who was there for you when no one else was.

A friend is someone _who knows you and loves you just the same.

Life without Friendship is like the sky without the Sun..

True friendship is like a rose: we don’t realize its beauty until it fades..

Friends are like flowers in the garden of life…

कितना कुछ जानता होगा वो शख्स मेरे बारे में, मेरे मुस्कुराने पर भी जिसने पूछ लिया कि तुम उदास क्यों हो?

Your Friendship Is A Special Gift. Generously Given, Happily Accepted And Deeply Appreciated.

I Am Lucky To Have As My Friend & I Wish Our Friendship Lasts Forever.

Fake Friends : Never Ask For Food. Real Friends : Are The Reason Why You Don’T Have Food.

If You Are In Trouble, If You Need A Hand, Just Call My Number, Because I’M Your Friend.


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