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This is second page of Love Status for Whatsapp, Facebook and other social networking sites.You can express your feeling of love for him or her by posting these status on Facebook, Whatsapp and other social networking sites.

Page 2 of Love Status

You can checkout Love Whatsapp Status for Facebook and Whatsapp below.

I will always love you, no matter what happens.?

How Deep is your Love???

I luv❤️u easy to write ?hard to say?

i love you baby
i miss u meri sohni
yada yada kissiya janu nu

Love is a glamble if u dont take care you will lose a game which is mysterious

Love is not about how much you say “i love you” but how much you can prove that it’s true.

अगर हम सुधर गए तो उनका क्या होगा जिनको हमारे पागलपन से प्यार है

All i want and all i need is only you!??

Please hate me beat me but never leave me

दिखता हुँ cute, रहता हूँ mute, फिर भी लोग कहते हैं,
you have so much attitude..

Someone asked me, how’s life? i just smiled and replied, she’s fine…

My name is ‘i’
my problem is ‘love’
my sollution is ‘you’

Attitude तो मेरे पास भी ह पगले । पर ईतना फालतु का भी नही । की बात बात पर attitud दिखाऊ।

I will wait for you honestly because i don’t want any one

Hide my pain with a smile…?

मैंने छोड़ दिया है किस्मत पर
यकीन करना …..
जब लोग बदल सकते है
तो किस्मत क्या चिज है ।

True love does not have a happy ending, because true love never ends.?

Everybody knows how to love but few people know how to stay in love with one person forever?

Pta nahi tere isaq me
kya jado he jo muzhe
hsa bhi deta he
aur rola bhi deta he

You never love someone because they are beautiful; they are beautiful because you love them?

?i will do my best to win your heart?

अगर तुम सच्चे दिल से मेरे हो, ❤?
तो बस एक तुम ही काफी हो । ??


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