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Sad Status Many people want sad status for whatsapp and for facebook So today I am going to share with you a sad status and quotes with you in hindi and english.I hope you will like it.

Sadness kills hapiness so kill sadness before its kill hapiness

If u don’t understand my silence _You will not understand my worlds!””‘

Sometimes it’s better to be alone then been with a relationship, with some one…

Sometimes tears means unspoken happiness & smile means silent pain.

I hate my life but I love my mom…)

मैं क्या जानूँ दर्द की कीमत ? मेरे अपने मुझे मुफ्त में देते हैं !

मुस्कुराने से भी होता है ग़में-दिल बयां, मुझे रोने की आदत हो ये ज़रूरी तो नहीं

Never try to ignore me bcoz I m one who feel that ur heart ??

Wating for the moment when u will miss me..

When someone says “u’ are changed” it just means that you’ve stopped living your life their way

Khareed sakte to use zindagi bech kar khareed lete_Par kuchh log keemat se nahin kismat se mila karte hain…

If u leave me alone with out any cause… then don’t back again with any reason…?…

Don’t cry for a simple thing? because one day u will need some tears for the harder thing??

Don’t try to kill me… i’m already dead…

मुझ से बदनसीब कौन होगा … मेरी कंधे पे सिर रख कर वो रोया भी तो किसी और के लिए ..!

मैं आईना हूँ टूटना मेरी फितरत है, इसलिए पत्थरों से मुझे कोई गिला नहीं।

A fake smile can hide a million of tears

You forget what u want to remember, but u remember what u want to forget ?

Music is my pain killer…

No matter where u are no matter where i am….. always u are in my mind and my life

It’s really pain when u love someone but they hurt u more that u love ??

Its very easy to fake a smile than to show what u really feel inside

तू मेरी चाहत का एक लफ्ज भी ना पढ़ सका, और मैं तेरे दिये हुए दर्द की किताब पढ़ते पढ़ते ही सोती हूँ।

Sometimes, people don’t notice the things we do for them, until we stop doing it.

A fake smile can hide a million of tears

Saari duniya ki khushi apni jgha ???? …… un sabke beech teri kami ek jgha???❤…..



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