How to Make Rakhi at Home : Best Handmade Rakhi Making Ideas


Rakhi Making: Hii Friends Today I am Sharing With You article How To Make Rakhi at Home with Waste Material.Best Design For Handmade Rakhi is Given Below.All you know that Raksha Bandhan is very popular festival which is also known as a rakhi Festival.So today I give you easy and Simple Idea Making Rakhi at Home with your own hands.Many of girls do’not want to buy rakhi from shop thay want to design handmade rahki also participate in  Rakhi Making competition.Some girls design rakhi for Collages School competition and some Made for their Brothers.Their are many steps given like make rakhi with thread, Make rakhi with paper Quilling and Make handmade Rakhi design with pictures tutorial.So all the Rakhi Making guide is given below.

Method 1: Make a Rakhi at Home:

This is the Method to make a Simple and Easy Beautiful Look Rakhi With Embroidery Floss. Embroidery Floss is the Thread Which is Available in Thousand of Color.You Can Easily get it from your Nearby Market on Craft Shop or Walmart Shop.

make rakhi at home

1. First of All Take a Three 24 inch floss different Three Color According to your Choice.

2. Combine and knot the strings so they are easier to hold in Hand.

hand made rakhi

3.Now Hold the One End of String with your Helper if Helper is not then Tape it on table at one End.

4. Then Start Rotating the String Until Both the Three color String Join correctly.

rakhi making wit thread

5. Then Bring the Both end of String Together and Combine.

6. Now  knot both ends of String.

7. Your Rakhi is Ready.
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Methods 2: Make to Rakhi to Waste materials Matchsticks:

Steps to make a rakhi is given below.You need to match sticks and Favicol or glueYou can read the steps below if you not clerify steps then watch videos which is given below.
1. Take the cardboard
2. Now apply glue in the center of the cardboard in a cross shape.
3.Now Paste the four match sticks on the four sides of this cross made with the glue.
4.Now apply glue at the central distance between each of the four pasted match sticks.
5.Now Paste one matchstick each on this glue, in the center of 2 matchsticks.
6.Now fill the space between two matchsticks with glue and paste one after other match stick on this glue to make a beautiful pattern.
7.If the pattern are complete then cut the cardboard on all the sides along the matchsticks pattern with any cutting material.
8.Your rakhi up base is ready with this match stick pattern on cardboard.
9.Now take the ribbon or thread as you like and after applying gum, paste it at the back of the matchstick craft that you had made with match sticks and cardboard.
Video of Making Rakhi with Match Sticks:

If You donot like this design then you can choose design according to your choice.Some Design Images are given below.

Methods 3. Best Homemade Rakhi Design:

To make a professional rakhi at home Material required are Silk Thread ,Bangle,Satin ,Ribbon
General Craft Items to decorate Rakhi and Used Tooth Brush and Glue.

Making Rakhi Steps By Steps Instruction:
1.Tie one end of silk thread on a bangle and wrap it over the bangle.

2.When it covers almost quarter of the bangle, then tie it at the center from a thick thread.
3.Then Cut all the loops of silk thread at the periphery of the bangle.
4.Now, flatten it from both the sides carefully.
5.Now use old tooth Brush to  make it symetric.
6.If few of threads are not in-line, then you can trim your Rakhi at the periphery.
7.Now Paste a piece of  ribbon at the back of the Rakhi.
8.Now, decorate it with beads and some other decorative items of your choice.which are available in your home.
Now Your Rakhi is Complete Ready to use.

Video of Professional Making Rakhi is Given Below:

If you donot understand the rakhi making steps with hand made then watch the video by In which every steps is clearly explained.In this article all Images and video is created to respected owners.

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There are three methods to make a rakhi for Happy Raksha Bandhan 2017.In every Methods There was a new design Rakhi.I hope you will like my tuturial to make a rakhi at home.If you like then share this method to your friends on facebook etc.


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